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Marrying an unchaste girl.



I am in a relationship with a girl since a year. I love her a lot. After few days of relationship she confess to me that she had a relationship before me and she had physical relation with a boy a lot of time. She is not virgin. But now she repents. Should I accept and marry that girl or leave her?


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

First, if your relationship was without Nikah and aqd, it was wrong from the beginning

Second, if she is honest in her claim(about repenting) it’s up to you to whether marry her or not, but our advice to you is only marry her if you are certain of yourself (most of times when people realize about their partners past relationships they get suspicious, judging and cold toward their partner, it is more important in your case because you are the husband) and herself (about not doing it again)


Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi