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Marrying a girls against my parents consent


My parents has arranged a marriage for me. With mutual agreement of families, we engaged & after six months families planned a wedding event. Right before a month, my family has denied to accept her with a reason they don’t like her. Where on orher hand, I find it wrong & sin to refuse & insult a family at this stage where only a month or less left. Now, if I go against my parents & marry her, will I commit sin?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

According to the Islamic laws, it is not obligatory on men to obtain permission from their parents for marriage (unlike girls). However, if the act will make them very unhappy them One should refrain from it.

I will recommend you speak to your local Aalim or an influential person to help you out to make the decision and process easy. Because marrying against the wish of your parents entails other hardships like adjusting with family after marriage while on the other hand, denial of marriage for no good reason will be dhulm on the girl more so because it will entail other things for her and yourself.

I hope you’re able to do the best
ask help from Allah (az)

good luck