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Will I go to hell for breaking someone’s heart


I text a girl on messenger just for fun a year ago and after 2, 3 conversations we started talking daily..
slowly slowly she was falling in love with me and now she is in love with me completely and willing to do anything for me but i don’t love her i just consider myself as her friend but she expects that I’m gonna marry her and she told his family about me but i don’t want to marry her just to keep her heart I’ve also said that we will se what will happen and I’ll marry you if it’s possible but she wants me to marry her and if i stop talking to her now her heart will be broken and she will cry a lot amd she told me that she will not marry anyone accept me
What should i doo i like someone else but i even can’t share it with myself?
What if i leave her, will i go to hell if i leave her because of breaking her heart??


Wa alaykum salaam

It is good to know that you have realized your mistake and want to rectify it.

Marrying this girl is only advisable if you can develop love towards her without feeling resentful towards her.
if you feel that you will marry her out of obligation and can never love her, the best thing is to seperate your ways as 2 wrongs do not make a right.

You can either speak to her yourself and explain your situation or ask someone to speak on your behalf.

If all else fails, it might be easier on the girl if you distance yourself from her gradually so she may realise you do not love her and give her time to adjust to the fact. However, do not prolong this period as it will be harder to part as time goes on, nor is it Islamically legal.

Pray to Allah and seek guidance for it is indeed a difficult decision you will have to make as you have to think about the feelings of the girl involved and your actions towards her. Do remember that you are answerable to Allah and also that life will be easier for you if you go forward with a clear conscience.

Under guidance of Sukaina Taqawi