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I want to marry a girl (out of cast)


Assalam o alaikum, sir i want to marry a girl. I like her.. but my family dont allow me to marry her because she is out of our cast… my family threatened me if i marry her my family kick me out of the house…. kindly tell me what islam says about it.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question.
I don’t understand when you say out of cast, is it out of religion!? Or different class of people!?
If it is just the matter of being in a different class then you should definitely  use the Islamic teaching and explain that the best person in the eyes of Allah is the one who has more piety (Taqwa)
Also, if she is really good and is a promising figure to take you both towards Allah then I would suggest you speak to someone your parents would listen to, like an elderly or a local Scholar, and have him speak  to them.
This maybe a way to help your situation
Kinda regards,
Naajiya Jaffery