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If a person truly repents, can he marry a chaste woman without disclosing his previous mistakes?


Dear Sir, Assalamoalaikum. Please help us with true knowledge. I want to share a story about one of my cousins (brother) followed by some quresies for true guidance. My cousin is very pious and a good human being from his childhood. He lost his father when he was only 6. His family has good reputation in their society. 2 years ago my cousin felt in love with a girl. He loved her so much that he didn’t want to loose her. As he always try to follow islam, therefore, was afraid of engaging in wrong activities (like zina), which is very common in modern world. Also, both of their families were positive at that time. So both of them decided to get married in court without informing their families. So many days after marriage my cousin came to know that the marriage was invalid and not sharia based. Even though shatan deceived them & they couldn’t restrict themselves from physical relationships for some more times. My brother felt so ashamed & guilty of it as he fears Allah so much. He started to pressurize the girl to settle the marriage by taking consent from both families as soon as possible. Suddenly, the girl’s family changed their minds without any valid reason & did not want their girl to get married with my cousin. The girl decided not to tell the truth to her parents and requested my brother to leave her without informing anyone. Also, she said that she would commit suicide if he makes any attemtps to convince her family. Being a practicing muslim, my brother felt so guilty & told everything to his mother & sisters. It hurted his family so much. Still, my cousin beleived that this was Allah’s decision and was so kind & gentle to let her go through divorce in court, without informing her family. He started to cry & seek forgiveness from Allah in prayers for his sin. He asks for Allah’s pardon throughout the day & promises not to do that again. Now-a-days his family is getting marriage proposals from relatives & well wishers. Everyone knows my brother as a good human being. He didn’t have any relationships with any woman except that one. But he fears that Allah may give him more punishments if he marry someone without informing his past. So he shared it with me. So far I have knowledge, my brother committed zina by doing court marriage. Though zina is a major sin but it can be forgiven by Allah through strong repentance. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also directed (through Hadith) that if anyone commits zina he/she should not publish it in public rather asks for Allah’s forgiveness. I beleive shatan has deceived him and InShaAllah he will not do any wrong in future. Under such circumstances, if he truly repents, can he marry a chaste woman without disclosing his previous mistakes? Really, we are in a difficult situation. Please guide us with your valuable comments. It will have a great effect to my brother’s future life. May Allalh give us true guidance. Amin.


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
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InshaAllah he Is forgiven. The main condition of forgiveness is not to go back to the same act. And in this case sounds like your brother is quiet firm on his decision.
InshaAllah Allah help him In his new married life and he is able to find a wonderful wife.

Kind regards,

Naajiya Jaffery