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Married but addicted too


Aslam y alikum hope you are in good health. I have emailed you before that I want ask my issue. 4 years back I had an affairs and we had fulfilled sexual desires then I was married and have 2 kids. I do came up with the wishes and watch movies and have gusaal. I really feel ashmed after doing that. Please help me what should I do. If I marry again me and my wife parents are angry at this.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

Part of your Question is unclear.

But from what I understood, you may want to refer to the following link:


And also, if you’re falling in the sin (if I understood correctly) because your wife has not been fulfilling your desires then you certainly need to change that, speak to your wife about it.
I will also suggest you keep away from things that may trigger these feelings like movies and the like..
Second Marriage may not be the solution without first trying all options

Best wishes