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Married an Orphan Girl


I married a girl whom i have loved for an year now. she is an orphan and so am i. Both her and mine parents are dead. She is self dependent and after the death of her parents she was the sole bread earner for her 6 younger siblings. We had a court marriage without the consent of her younger brothers (one is 19 and the other is 16) because we knew they won’t permit it at the moment and just to avoid the greater sin we had our marriage done before a Qaari/Imaam in a court. Now that i read the different schools of Islam i find it to be very difficult to be clear on the matter where an orphan girl in such circumstances was or was not allowed to do such a nikah. Her uncles are rather indifferent to whatever happens to her. Please guide!


Assalamu alaykum

An orphan who doesn’t have a father or Grandfather is entirely independent to make her own decision according to the office of Sayyid Sistani.
In this case her marriage with you is completely ok and she doesn’t need her brothers consent into it.

Also your first act was a great Sin and you must repent on it inshaAllah, it has nothing to do with the validity of your marriage,  your marriage is in order.

​Kind regards,