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Dear Alim saab, I am 28 years old woman .I had my first marriage at the age 15 and got separated at age 19 and at agec21 I got DIVORCED. I have 2 kids from my first marriage mash Allah ALLAH. Alim sb issue is I did nikkah without my parent consent with a person in the name of love 4 years back .I relation ship since 6 years. Initially he told me he Was divorced but few years back I got to know he is having 2 wives . Firstly my nikkah was done with out mine n his parent consent Secondly nikkah is stil not registered I M living with my parents since 6 years Now when I ask send parents he says his parents are not accepting me ? When i say register nikkah he says he can’t? Please tell me what to do ? Neither he divorced me nor he owns me?

Salaam Alaykum,
Thank you for your question.
My dear sister, usually its seen in cases where men are already married from before, they aren’t willing to make their second marriage official.
You can still try and talk to your husband or ask a trustworthy and influential person to talk on your behalf.
If this doesn’t work,then you have a choice to either continue your relation the way it is or ask for a divorce.
For divorce you can contact your marja(mujtahid) directly or his representatives in your city .
Sukaina Taqavi.