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Marriage without Parents Consent


Salam Sir, What if the girl’s parents are not willing to give the hand of the girl in any case to the boy (although both are Muslims). And they both run and did marriage in court with some 2 persons as the witnesses and Judge. Although the permission is sought from the girls family but they denied. So the knowledge of the marriage before happens was given to guardian although guardian discarded it to act as a guardian. And so the boy and girl did the marriage in court by running away in some different place as their life was threatened by the girls family members. Please can you put more light on it. Thanks, Ahsen


Alaykum Salaam

In Shia Islam the permission of the father or male guardian of the girl is necessary, especially when she has never been married before.

Only in exceptional circumstances can this be waived, when it can be proved in front of an Islamic scholar that there is zulm (injstuce) being done on the girl. The rest of the time such a marriage is not allowed.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer