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Marriage Without Girl’s Approval


Respected Sir:

in our relatives there is my female cousin she want to marry with me and her parents want her to mary with any one else. She said she will die but she will not marry with the boy where her parents want to do. Her parents also said we will die but we will not agree .

So sir her parents are going to marry her without her permission.

What i have to do?? How i can help? What will be islamic rule about this for me???


She cannot be forced to get married against her free will and if she is a
virgen depending on her parents then she can not get married without the
consent of her father.
Yes if her father forces her to get married to someone she doesn’t desire,
and they were not compatible to each other religiously, morally,
intellectually, and from other aspects, then the marriage is invalid.

And if she is prevented from getting married to someone who is compatible
with her from the aspects mentioned above , and there was a fear of
corruption from such prevention, then the permission of the
father is
neglected. and they can get married to each other without the consent of
her father.

Safdar Razi Master