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Marriage with runaway girl


I have been offered by a close friend to get married to his ex-girlfriend’s sister who ran away from her house. She is under 20 and I am also living alone. I have been told by the girl’s side that her father and brothers would not have allowed her to live freely or peacefully and they had some huge disagreements so she had to run away from her village and shifted with her older sister who is also a runaway. As for my close friend, well he says that I cannot guarantee that she is a virgin. It is most likely that she may have had physical relations before. But if I want to support a girl financially and don’t want her to get into bad stuff like drugs and prostitution etc. then I can wed her and give her the respect and love she may need/deserve at this point in her life. He further added that I may do it to please Allah. I have also been assured that she do not use drugs or smoke. It is worth mentioning here that her older sister is frequently do drugs, smoke and work as prostitution. After some issues, her sister left for living in some other city and now this girl is living with her sister’s friend who has 2 children but also a prostitute. This women says that she don’t intend to push her into prostitution and only benefit from her by her services as maid to her children in her absence.
I am a bit concerned that there might be a bigger and troubled reason for her to runaway. I don’t know those reasons so far. At one point, her own sister wasn’t even sure if her sister sold her body before coming to her. Furthermore, living with broken people is not going to be easy. Besides, physical relations before marriage especially a love related scandal can have negative impact on mental health of any person. Finally, you have to understand the stigma related to all of this.
Can I get some guide in this regard?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

Marriage is a very important milestone in ones life. A person has to be very precise in choosing his/her better half to ensure that the rest of life, whether as a servant of Allah (az), Son, husband, Father… Will be moving successfully towards the Almighty (az).

According to Islamic laws of Ayatullah sistani a man is not recommended to marry a woman with bad reputation.

Also, from what I have read, you’re completely unsure of her past and her reason for taking the steps she has.
I will suggest you should not commit to anything without fully understanding the situation.

Also, according to Islamic laws, one cannot marry a virgin girl without the consent of her father or paternal grandfather. The Nikah will be void.

Hence, it’s in your best interest to make wise decisions. And don’t be emotional taken that Allah (az) will upset with you. Because, help can come in many other forms than just marriage.

Hope this helps

Best of luck
N.S. Jaffery