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Marriage with a Convert is halal


Salam, I am a muslim girl who met an American boy 2 years ago. I told him I wouldn’t ever marry a non Muslim and a couple months later he started to look into islam and later went on to convert. We are now at a point we want to get married and my father states that this man only converted for me and he is not fond of him being American. My father states our marriage wouldnt be halal because he thinks he converted for the wrong reason. Even though he genuinely fell in love with our deen my father doesn’t believe thats possible. Is my marriage halal because I was told this person converted with conditions? and is it possible for someone to come to Islam because of someone else and end up loving islam


Waalykum salam.

It is true that if he converted to Islam because of you, then this Deen is of no avail to him. It should be solely for Allah and none other.

To come to the core of this, you must let him practice Islam and see if he is really doing what a Muslim would do. This should be over a relatively longer period. That way he will be a Muslim and can then come home with a decent proposal. This way you will help him find Almighty Allah and your relation (if your father agrees, because without his consent your Nikah
will be invalid) will bare solid fruits inshaAllah.

Good luck