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Marriage with a Buddhist lady


I want to share my situation, I did marriage with an Australian lady she was buddhist and before marriage she converted to islam, After 2 years now she is saying i believe on Allah as well and i believe on buddha as well, I keep on explaining her all the time and it ends up on fight. I cant leave her due to my parents spent a lot of money on marriage visa for me to go Australia, What should i do in such situation?


Wa alaykum salaam

As your wife has not completely left Islam and she still believes in Allah, there is no need to divorce her.

Meanwhile,instead of arguing with her and trying to convince her, I suggest you should work on yourself. Try and be a good and practicing muslim. Be kind and loving to her and people around you.
When she sees the beauty of Islam In your actions, she will automatically get inclined towards Islam without you pressuring her.

Sukaina Taqawi.