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Marriage suitors end up rejecting


Salaam again
I’m the same girl who questioned about the black magic dream stuff.
I’m also facing marriage issues. I started getting proposals from standard 8th, Alhamdulillah I’m beautiful good looking, even after being so pretty, whoever comes visit me to see with the rishta doesn’t give any answer after getting back thr home, finally recently one of them came up wth th proposal and Alhamdulillah I ws happy about it and our engagement date was fixed but 2days prior we got a call that his dad’s family side isn’t totally agreeing for this so sorry.. I was shattered into pieces literally.. I don’t know why this is happening with me.. I’m not a kind of girl who’s desparate about wedding. But still I do have some fantasies to get married. I do make a lot of dua even in tahjud, but still my prayer isn’t being accepted Idont know why. And now this black magic dreams are scaring me a lot.. I tried telling my mom about this but she ignored she doesn’t believe me.. Please help me. I feel so helpless right now. It’d be pleasure if I can hear back from you as soon as possible. Thank you 🙂


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your question.
both your questions have been well receive and answered

so, marriage is not about being good looking, etc etc. it’s about being a perfect match with the person. You both agree to abide by Allah’s commands and follow them, have things in common and also see a great patent of your children in him. InshaAllah someone Like this comes for you and you both proposer in both the worlds InshaAllah.

my suggestion would be to set aside sadaqa. Charity has so much power that words fall short to describe it. Allah (az) loves the act o giving. Hence, give in His name and InshaAllah everything Will go well.
recite plenty of Salwat: Allahumma swalli ala Muhammad waali Muhammad waajil farajhum

InshaAllah everything goes well