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marriage related issue


Aslamoalikum sheikh i wanted to ask a question regarding marriage actually i was so confused and upset who to ask regarding this as i don’t really have much family or anything to share or ask them. I am 19 and live in the UK actually i recently married a man from Pakistan and my parents have no knowledge about this marriage as they don’t like the man i chose. I Islamically married him, and i came back to the uk and he is living in pakistan. Actually the problem is that everything was all really good with the marriage but now he accuses me of cheating him lying to him about everything and he isn’t happy with me in any way and he swears at me a lot taunts my family and verbally and emotionally abuses me he got his family involved to now and they also don’t like me and they think i am wrong i don’t want ny parents to get involved as they will be very upset and could hurt them a lot there fore i was keeping this to myself i am making duas and reading and praying for Allah to make ease for me but i don’t think it is resolving in any way. Please could you help me in this situation and give me advice jazak Allah.


Waalykum salam sister 

Thank you for your Question.
It is sad to know that you made such an important decision without involving your parents. Parents who did everything to make you what you are.
Besides all, according to Islamic law, your marriage is not in place, since your Nikah was recited without your father or Paternal Father’s permission.
Kindly refer to the link below:
Also, I would suggest you speak to a local Aalim or counsellor to help you through the problems and help you find the correct solution. Because your case needs more details for proper evaluation.
Kind regards


Naajiya Jaffery