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Marriage Proposal From a Man who drinks



I got this marriage proposal from a Man who is really really good in terms of nature and well settled. No issues when it comes to hardwork and settlement. Also an amazing person at heart. But from a friend of mine I got to know that he drinks but not sure whether he has quit or no. When I have asked him personally he has said no, he doesn’t drink. Being a practicing muslim this information is very important for me. Sometimes I think of accepting the proposal and giving him a chance, but other times I feel its not correct and I have already told him no for the proposal, stating a vague reason. Buy my heart is not at ease and I am really confused, considering the fact that its really difficult to get good marriage proposals and considering the fact that I am aging and really want to get married.
He also has a tattoo on his hand which is not permissible in islam at all.

Please advice me as to know what needs to be done in this situation.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

It’s a shame if you are saying no to a good proposal without really knowing the truth. I suggest you must find out and seek some help into doing so. It is important that you get to the core of this and then declare your answer.

Also, it isn’t Haram to have tattoos. See what Ayatullah Sistani said about the same:

1 Question: Is it permissible to get a tattoo?
Answer: There is no problem in it per se.

Hope this was useful