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Marriage in different caste


Aslam o alaikum . Zikar heres.. i am facing a cnfusion.. two month before i had engaged with a girl who is not my relative and out of my caste.. he told me that his caste is higher and equivalent to my caste as im baloch and we didn’t compromise to our caste.. now few weeks before my brother told me that her caste is not good after that i asked her that f it is true or not but she had neglected completelty. Now my heart and brain are not on a same page. Acording to my heart i should marry with her but my brain had oppposed this decision..
What should i do now please .. send any suggestions to me.. and whats islam says in this matter?

Looking for ur reply..


Thank you for your Question.

I don’t understand when you say out of cast, is it out of religion!? Or different class of people!?
If it is just the matter of being in a different class then you should definitely use the Islamic teaching and explain that the best person in the eyes of Allah is the one who has more piety (Taqwa)
Also, if she is really good and is a promising figure to take you both towards Allah then I would suggest you speak to someone your parents would listen to, like an elderly or a local Scholar, and have him speak to them.

This maybe a way to help your situation
Kinda regards,
Naajiya Jaffery