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Marriage/Divorce Question


Assalamoalikum, I married my cousin at the age of 16 years old in 1998 and have 3 children with him. We got legally divorced in 2010. During the time between 1998 and 2010 he got remarried with another woman in 2003 while he was married to me as well. He has 4 children with his second wife who he currently is living with. I stayed in a different house with my 3 children separately for the sake of our children while he was supporting us financially. Since we got divorced legally in 2010 we had no physical relationship. Now that my children are grown up, I want to get remarried to another man and he knows about it. The question I have is whether I can get remarried to another man and move on with life or should I ask him to divorce me in Islamic way? If the answer is yes to get him divorce me in Islamic way, do I need to do Iddat? and if yes then for how long?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your answer. 


Waalaykum Salam.

Yes, he has to Islamically divorce you because you are still married.
For that you have to sit for your Iddah.
For further understating of this please refer to the following link:

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