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Marriage breakdown and parenting


I have been married for almost 6 years to an English man who converted to Islam. He was a great husband who treated me with the utmost respect, fasted and prayed. We have a new baby girl of which we tried many years to conceive. I have recently discovered he has been having an affair with a collegue and she has changed his entire perspective on life, values, standards including his beliefs. He claims he’s now an ‘atheist’. This has resulted to our separation. He is no longer with the other woman and wants to attempt therapy to salvage our marriage for the sake of our child.

I understand if he continues to believe he’s an atheist, he’s referred to as a ‘kaffir’ making our marriage void.

I pray and believe in the words of Allah. I do feel he has been possessed in some way because the change in his behaviour was sudden – from everything being normal to acting out of character. I feel in my gut we have been affected by the evil eye. Do I stay to work with him/ do the therapy and have someone of good religious knowledge speak to him or simply leave?

If I leave now or later and we officially get divorced due to him not reverting back to being a believer – what does the religion say about the relationship between him and our daughter? I’m afraid he will influence her to be a kafrra in the future and if I restrict her from him / I’m afraid she will resent me.

I would appreciate your help based on the words of the Quran.


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

I’m sorry to hear of your worries and concerns. May Allah pave a path for you out of this InshaAllah

So, I certainly agree that you must try and help him by having him speak to a religious scholar in your locality. For a person to claim to be an atheist will mean that he come across some content that may result into him not believing in Allah (az).
The scholar will help him
Answer his question and probably clear his doubts.

While he makes his decision, you should certainly keep away and see what the end result Is. If he declares that he is a believer then you may take it from them and go for the intended counseling.

But if he holds his ground on being an atheist then your marriage is void.

In regards to your daughter,



N S Jaffery.