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Marriage between Shia boy and Sunni girl


Salaam. I have a question. Can a Sunni girl marry a Shia boy?? My female cousin who is a Sunni girl is in deep love with a Shia boy. They both often meets together. They want to get marry but girl’s father is not ready for it. The girl has gone just mad about this. I want pure Islamic view that what is the position of marriage between a Sunni girl and a Shia boy?? Please guide me. ALLAH bless you


Alaykum Salaam,

According to the Shari’ah of Shi’i faith, it is permissible for a shia man to marry a sunni lady.

However, kindly bear in mind the challenges you could face in maintaining your faith or in the upbringing of your children should she insist on retaining her Sunni beliefs.

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