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Marriage and divorce


I am 25 years old engaged girl. Two years ago I a met boy who was my friend at school then and now he is living in England intially we had friendship he used to discuss his issues with me one day he told me he came to study
in England and now he is married to a Christian lady who was 10 years older then her,he confessed that they had sexual relation as my friend want to get settle in UK he married to that lady .From his side this marriage was for paper purpose plus he also had thought to keep her in long run if she got muslim. But with passage of time she started abusing him, mistreats him sent him out of home he tries to bear all the expenses and other course of that lady but still her behaviour is  furious .He told me all
this situation later with the time we fell for each other he started
loving me and me too .As I knew all the situation already he asked me if I could be able to wait for 3 year after 3 years he will divorce her ,I agreed and said on one condition he won’t have any physical relation with her and he will send his family to my home with proposal he did that his
family is such a pure soul , they love ,respect ,support me regularly and  visits me too. His family knew about the marriage but my family doesn’t as I didn’t informed my family …but both sides thing are going really fine and every one is happy .I am in Pakistan this August He is coming and we are getting nikkah fied. My question is despite of all the mistreatment
and hardship would it be cheating on her as my fiancee get papers he will divorce her .Will I be punished  for this .? What should I do ? I dont want to hurt her . If i support her financially would that be fine ?As I dont
want to share my husband I really love him he does same he is taking every
possible step to make me his legally wedded muslim wife, guide me .


Waalahkum Salam.

If he is unhappy with her as a wife and is willing to divorce her, it’s not your fault and you are not answerable for that. He is allowed to marry you and you are for sure going to be his Islamically wedded wife

Good luck