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marital issues


It’s been nearly 3 years since I got marreid and I have a daughter ….my husband and I had issues soon after 2 or 3 months after our marriage…… he is a hafiz and an aalim …….he is very very short tempered and gets angry on silly things …also he is very very proudish and egoistic and does not allow me to go any where or meet any of my relatives I am completely isolated and cut with all relatives except my mom and dad I can’t even talk to any of his brother’s wives neither can I keep any one’s contact in my phone ……..he comes very late at night sometimes after fajr ……. he hits me on every small issue …….he insults me 24/7 ………we live in the same home but like bachelors ……….he is always busy in phone 24/7 completely ……..I am not allowed to even peep into his phone or even touch his phone …….on the other he doesn’t even offer 5 daily prayers properly or revise the Qur’an………when he gets angry he starts breaking things and he already broke 2 of my phones even when I was pregnant he made me cry every day and once he also kicked me out of the house during my pregnancy recently he told me something which has completely shocked me …..he said that even if I had committed zinah I wouldn’t have regretted much but I regret marrying you and bringing you in my life…….and after saying these words he said today I’m telling the truth of my heart ……. and he also hit me so hard that I got injured ….there’s so much more ….right now I’m at my mom’s house from 1 month but its enough for me ……. I want to leave him ……..please tell me is my decision right or not ?


Waalykum salam

Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman to come and make a life together.
In this path Islam has given a lot of emphasis on each other’s rights.
Both man and woman have rights on one another and if we abide by these, our marriage will be successful

It is very sad to learn that your husband is known as an Aalim but Ill-treats his wife. An Aalim is know by his actions and not his qualifications only.

It is a good decision that you came to your mothers. It is a good break where you can do some serious thinking and also get some professional help.

On a side note, no woman should be physically abused. You must seek some professional advice.

InshaAllah you’re Able to be make the best decision for yourself.

In my prayers,
Naajiya Jaffery