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Asalamualaikum warhmutalahi wa barakathu I’m a 21 year old who got married four years ago, I have three kids and I’m pregnant with my fourth child in my first pregnancy I had twins) my husband who is 37 wants me to have atleast six kids and i am fine with it but I need age gap as I’m unable handle all of it together also he requires alot of intimacy which I sometimes fail to give as I’m tired by the night time Due to these he gets angry at me and says why would I marry a young girl if she cant have the energy to fulfill me and have enough kids frequently and this upsets me and he compares me with his first wife who passed away that she was able to fulfill his needs and also gave six kids to him all this makes me upset am I being sinfull?


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
I’m not sure what you mean by sinning in your Question, if you mean it’s sinning by saying no to intimacy when you’re tired, then pls read the following:
You needs to speak to your husband and make a good communication bridge with him to be able to express yourself. I’m sure if he knew all your troubles he would be more considerate.
Taking a gap in the middle while you handle the younger kids would be a good space for you to adjust and also meet to his demands.
I would suggest you get some extra hands to help you around the house in the day time and also ask for your husbands help during the night so that it can be a bit easy on you. That way you maybe able to make him happier.
It will be a good idea to also see or speak to someone who can help you understand time, house, children management so that you are able to coup with everything InshaAllah
Good luck
Naajiya Jaffery