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Is it permissible for me as a male nursing student to practice nursing techniques on female classmates as class activity


As a male student in a class with other students majority female students, we may have to practice such nursing techniques on each other as part of the learning, is it okay for me to perform the needed actions on them and vice versa regardless of wearing gloves or not?

This is most likely going to be as a practice and simulation for a real life scenario at work in the future!


Salam alaykum,

Thank you for your question.

According to the office of Ayatullah al-Udhmah Sistani this is not permissible unless: (a) the protection of a honorable life depends upon it or (b) quitting your nursing course at this point in time would be considered an ‘unbearable’ hardship for you. Otherwise, you couldn’t touch the girls in the process of your course. On a side note, perhaps you could just talk to the school and ask for some special permission to just work with males for religious purposes. I am sure they would let you. Thanks again for your question.

Shiraz Agha