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Making Up Missed Fasts (Due to Pregnancy)


Salam Aliakum,

I missed Ramadan fasts last year because of my pregnancy (first trimester). I cannot make them up before the start of next Ramadan due to breastfeeding my baby, How do I fulfill my qadha fasts?


Salaamun alaykum,

Ruling 1697. Fasting is not obligatory on a pregnant woman approaching the time of delivery if it is harmful for her or for the unborn child. Such a woman must give one mudd of food to a poor person for each missed fast, and she must make up the fasts she did not keep.

Question: Is it necessary to perform last year’s qadha fast before the beginning of this year’s Ramadhan or can I keep it later?

Answer: It is necessary to observe the Qadha of the previous year’s fast before the next Ramadhan but if you have failed to do so, you should observe the Qadha in the following year(s) and you should also give kaffara of 750 grams of food stuffs for each day to the poor. If the Qadha is delayed again in the following years, the kaffara is not repeated.

With regards,

Zahra Davdani.