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Missed Fasts


Salaam, When I was a teenager I vowed to keep fasts if certain things happened and due to health reasons I have missed numerous fasting months of Ramadan. By my calculations I need to make up for 99 days of fasting. My question is: Can I make up for missed fasts by giving to charity? I still plan on making up the fasts but I believe that by not making up the fasts I have offended Allah. Your guidance will be much appreciated.



Alaikum salaam

Regarding the fasts of the month of Ramadhan which you have missed: Qaza (making up) of the wajib fasts that you are sure you have missed is wajib. Also, if you couldn’t perform the qaza before the beginning of the next year’s month of Ramadhan (i.e. 12 months after the missed fast), then in addition to the qaza, you need to pay one mudd in charity. One mudd if 3/4 kg of wheat, barley, etc.. or its equivalent in your local currency.

Regarding the vow that you made: It depends how you made your vow, if all the conditions were met and if you stipulated that you would fast on a particular day or not.

Finally, the charity or penalty (kaffara) that must be given in the various circumstances is to compensate for the gaps in our actions, to ensure the effects of our weak actions result in attaining paradise, and help us to avoid missing our fasts. These are not because God (swt)  is offended or upset, since mood changes are present in human beings, and God (swt) is beyond these traits.

With duas for tawfiq to be among His obedient servants.