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Making someone swear on quran


Imy maid was involved in an affair with a namehram she lives with us and her parents have given her responsibility to us i cought her and told her not to do so but she kept doing it day i cought her i called the guy he told me it was her act of teasing him . I asked her but she kept denying and said i was the one who is lying. I was soo furious i scolded her and gave her the quran to swear upon that she wont do it again she agreed. I know she would do it again but i am very upset and afraid that i know the value of quran she doesnt even know that. I have never done this before it was just due to my anger and happened at that moment ..i am soo tensed that that allah would punish me for making her swear and bringing quran in this . It is my frst ever mistake of such kind ..i jave made sincere tawba ..plz tell me what should i do to cure my guilt this A sin on my side ? Will i be punished? Is there any kafara that i can pay ? Plz help asap ..i am soo worried and guilty..may allah forgive me ..


Waalaykum Salam.

An oath is taken in a very peculiar way.

To obtain  a better understanding, kindly refer to the link below:

Oath taken on Quran

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