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Mahr of Lady Fatimah (s.a)


Assalam alaykum,
According to some historical narrations we get to know that the dowry of Lady fatimah (s.a) was 500 dirhams.
As it is emphasized to keep the same meher as of Lady Fatimah (s.a). my question is:
How do we calculate the current value of the above amount considering that in those times the dirhams were made of silver. Wont it be incorrect if it is calculated according to the current value of U.A.E dirham ?
Kindly explain

500 Dirhams = 1250 grams of silver (approx). The value of silver is in fluctuation and so the criterion should be the value of silver at the time of gifting the dowry.
Scholars say that it should be calculated as per those Dirhams and not the present one.
Kumail Rajani