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Right of a Trader


My question is that if I go to a shop to buy a product and I ask for a discount. Suppose the thing Is for $10 and I ask for a discount.and the shop owner gives me at 8.then I lie that in another shop that shop owner is giving me the thing( same one)at $5 and the shop owner that was giving me the thing at 8 agrees to give me the thing at 5 because I lied to him that the other shop owner was ready to give me the same thing at 5.islamically is it right and if I buy the thing at $5 from the $8 shop have I usurped the other $3 from the owner who I lied to.


Salamun Alaykum,

Lying is not permissible in Islam, except when the life of a person is under threat. (Ayatollah Syed Sistani)

It is advisable to repent, as well as ask for forgiveness from the one who has been wronged, in order to receive the forgiveness of Allah and be protected from His Punishment.

Irfan D