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Lying On Quran


To save my marriage and clear my husbands doubt I in anger said a lie on touching the Quran. I am since asking for forgiveness from Allah and have given sadqa. Is my sin forgivable?

I am feeling miserable please advice.



At times, Life brings us to ends where we feel lying is the only option
where as we should try n look closer and we shall for sure find some other
I can imagine what sorrow and guilt you maybe going through sister. But
the only solution to your problem is isteghfar!
Which I believe you have already done.

We should try and avoid ‘qasam’ whether on Quran or on it’s own. It is not
known to be a desirable act.

Remember Allah forgives humans sins as mighty as a mountain(al-Quran). All
we need to do is ask sincerely and with no intention of repetition.
May Allah make this easy on all of us. Ameen

N.S Ja’fari