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Job and college


There is a job that I want to get into. But in their website there are images that have women that are dressed but not covered as Hijab, is this haram for me to work in even though I will not partake in their website images. Yet their website shows this, does that mean I can’t work there because I can’t help people transgress and sin?

Another question is that my college does not allow me to pray at the beginning time. But every once a week, I have assembly and my teachers are not there, is it haram to lie and sneak just to pray? Is this haram because I thought that Allah also has rights as well as his creations, but who do I fulfil the rights first and how?


Wa alaykum salaam

Its okay to work in such a place.

It is highly advisable to pray at the start of the prescribed time but if due to valid reasons it is not possible to do so,the namaz can be delayed as long as its performed before it becomes qadha.
Islam is a balanced religion where all the rights have to be observed in its own capacity.

Sukaina Taqawi.