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Lustful Glance


Salam alaikum

What constitutes a “lustful” glance?

If a man looks at a woman and genuinely admires her beauty, is that considered a haraam look?

Living in the west, it seems impractical to avoid looking at all women and naturally, a man admires a woman’s beauty!

And what does it mean in Syed Sistani’s risalah that it is haram to look at a na-mahram “if there is fear of falling into sinful act”?


Alaykum Salaam

Yes a forbidden glance is one that is more than a casual look. It is quite possible to look at the opposite gender and then reduce the intensity of the gaze while conversation goes on when necessary.

It matters not that looking at beauty is a natural instinct, looking at na-Mahram in a manner that will elicit sexual desire is forbidden.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer