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Love For Ahlulbayt


For some reason, I am unable to love ahlulbayt(as) the way I see other people love them. People love them intensely and I don’t even know if I love anyone apart from myself. I have fallen into so much sin that I don’t regret it and since it’s been more than a year, I feel there’s no way I can get out of this. What can I do to love ahlulbayt a lot?

Assalamu alaykum
Love is something that is brought to the heart and it grows.  But this love in the first place comes by obtaining the right knowledge about a person or thing you intend to love.
So the very first thing you should do is to obtain knowledge about the Ahlul Bayt. Do a free reading to see thier authenticity, thier conduct, and whether or not you would like to be associated to such a person at all?!
There is not a doubt that you would be shocked to see how many people, even non Muslims, or to the extent even the enemies of the Ahlul Bayt have nothing but Words of praise for them. This will erase all the astonishment that maybe in your thoughts, and that maybe hindering to digest thier lofty position.
Reading will break these barriers and in no time you should be able to move to the next step inshaAllah.
The Holy Prophet and His pure progeny are our leaders and role models in this life. They represent Allah and are His manifestations on the earth.
Surely if we claim to love them, then we should follow them out of respect, and take them as our role models, especially when we know for a fact that they are the perfect human beings and we are yearning for perfection in life.
As soon as we take this blessed step of following their path, we will begin to have a connection with them and the love for them will start to grow.
The fragrance of their love is always there although we may not realize it because of the impurity of the hearts caused by sin.
Your concern that you are not regretting your sins is a sign of guilt in itself.
Start by repenting sincerely and be firm not to repeat the sin at least by trying all your best. However much you feel guilty of sin, don’t let it stop you from repenting.
know that if you loose hope in Allah’s forgiveness, then you have committed yet a greater sin because His mercy is far greater than all the sins.
When you are able to feel how guilty you are, then it is Allah’s mercy showing you that He has turned towards you so you can start repenting in the first place.
When you seriously do that and persist in your repentance trying to compensate for your sins, then you will see that your heart will glow with the love of Ahl bait a.s.
Infact,  It is their love for the believers in the first place that actually pulls the hearts towards them which is why you ask as to how one can bring about to feel their love.
The existence and growth of this love is dependent on how much we obey them and how steadfast are we in doing so.
By keeping on and on indulging in sins, the connection with the beloved Imams will eventually become weaker and it is only a matter of time that our love towards the Ahlul Bayt will fade completely, leaving behind it nothing but rituals and slogans that mean nothing when the heart of the individual is not with them.
The pleasure of loving these great personalities is the best gift that a believer can get in this world, but to gain that, the struggle of obedience and servitude should always be there. This is within our capacity without any speck of doubt, therefore never think that you cannot start a pure life again!
May Allah make us true lovers of Ahl bait a.s  inshAllah.
Ask An Alim Team.