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Lost Money Found in non muslim house


Salaam Alaykum, I work in sheltered housing for elderly a resident passed away and I found in cash 19,140 pounds if I wanted I could of kept the money but I given to authorities so he can have a funeral and pay his debts rest to his family I am need of money like 4,000 pounds but still did not take the money. Some relatives and work colleagues are calling me idiot , as he was dead and non Muslim and I need Money plus they saying would not be a SIN but my heart is at peace I want to known how much of big sin this would of been and give them a Islamic reply to them Hope you can help

Alaykum Salaam
What you did was correct, because it was not your money to take. It belonged to his heirs.
Taking it would have been stealing, and that is a great sin, with no goodness form it in this world or the next.
May Allah increase in your blessings for this noble act.
Kind regards
Abbas Jaffer