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Lost love and repentance


Asslam alaikm, im 25 years old and i was in a relationship with a girl to whom i promised ill marry her. I felt her very religious from her words and cares . We loved each other so deeply.our family was not fully happy to accept this proposal beacuse of our family mismatch. I was not ready to marry her without complete acceptance by our parents. We both waited for long 2 years with our tries and talks to our parents .when her dad approached me, i directed him to talk with my parents. But Her family went on searching other proposals for her. They told us they like me as her husband and she turned her mind.Now she got married to another man and also i found her without wearing hijab on her wedding day ,which made me doubt about her religous outlooks before.Now i fear like , is there any fault at my side for not keeping my promise? I cared for the emotions and words of my parents . Now im disappointed , for last 5 years I believed she will be my wife but now I realize she is not my halal partner. I’m feeling sad for everything happened ,will you please suggest me some remedies for that? Also my parents are looking for another girl for me, how should i prepare myself for accepting another girl with out any bit of memeory about my past? Also i want to seek forgiveness from Allah for all my sins. Will you please help me with a good answer?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question,
Allah is the best planner, if she is married off then, as you put it yourself, it was never meant to be!
Apparently breaking away from this relation was the best solution for you since having a relation with a Na Mahram is Haram and Allah does not bless this kind of relation.  Unless it was done under the Islamic laws.
Allah (swt) is extra extra Merciful,loving and kind.your sincere repentance will reap HIS happiness. InshaAllah that you’re able to settle well in your coming life.
While choosing a spouse for yourself, mind you, that it is yourself that is marrying the girl hence you should have the major and final say. Your parents can guide you but it should be entirely your decision and happiness. I would suggest you sincerely pray to Allah to guide you to choose the best partner for yourself.
Good luck
Naajiya Jaffery