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Long Distance Nikah by phone


Assalamu Alikum Dear Sir, My question is “that i am from India & My girl friend from other country. Before some days, we met and go physically without marriage. Now she is pregnant. We want to marry each other, but she is so far. Can we do the Nikah by Phone (Video Chat). What is the procedure for this. is it possible we do the Nikah without witness?. I am in tension. After marriage can this baby will become Halal? Please tell me the solution for this. How can i do touba for the mistake? i cant do anything, every time i am thinking about this, what i do. Please help me. I want to God forgive me for this mistake. Looking forward to hear from you very soon. Thanks


Alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. As long as the lady is not already married, you can marry her after she has repented for the sin. You can marry her by telephone, using the usual formula for marriage and there does not need to be any witnesses. After the marriage the child still has the status of being conceived outside of wedlock. You repent for this sin in the same way that you repent for other sins, and God is the all-Merciful.
May you always be successful.