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Molested Daughter


I’m a Muslim divorced, I live in United States, my girlfriend daughter was molested by her step dad. I opened my door to her and her kids. She has 4 kids. They’re Christian’s. They still see their dad on weekends sometimes. I opened my door when she has nowhere to go. Now she’s living with me for 7months. I just want to know. Do I have to be patient and continue. Or end up this relationship and we don’t have to get married or be patient for the sake of Allah protecting her and her kids offering them a shelter and support. Please help. Jazaka allah.


It was very kind of you to help out a woman in need. But 7months is a long long time. I’m sure she is able to sort something for herself and kids altogether. You don’t have to marry or keep going on for     the “-sake of Allah”. To the contrary, it would be for the sake of Allah not to live with a ‘Na mahram’ under one roof. Even if you have the purest intention.

Best wishes.