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list of Marajes


Salam Alikum can you pls tell me according to ahlulkhibra the people of knowledge who are the most knowledgeable and high ranking marjas, grand ayatollahs and can you provide a list to me of those marjas I also wanna know according to ahlulkhibra who is the first most knowledgeable marja taqleed marja al ala and the second most based upon the opinions of all or most of the people of knowledge ie ahlul khibra wasalam.?


Waalaykum Salam

Thank you fro your Question.

kindly refer to the Link below:

Marja – Detailed

the above link has many questions answered one may have pertaining to the same topic.

On A’lamiyah, the following question was asked:

The Marja’ Al-A’la is the Marja’ who is been followed by majority of the Shia scholars in the Hawzas (Islamic seminaries and religious knowledge centers). Now a days the majority of scholars refer to Ayatullah Al-Udhma Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani is the Marja’ al-A’la.


The names of current living Marjas (May Allah prolong their lives)  is on the following link:

List of Current Maraji

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