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Left homeless…


I married my husband Sep 2016, when we first married he didn’t have a
place for us yet but he agreed he have us one by December inshAllah.
During this time we stayed at his nieces flat. I didn’t notice him
actively looking for somewhere for us to live. He still didn’t manage to
find a home still by April/May and then we were kicked out of his nieces
flat. I was left to stay in hostel and was pregnant. I was there for a
couple of months untill the council offered me a temporary accommodation.
But after our son was born social services raised up issue about My
husband records regarding Domestic violence and I wasn’t able to return
back to the property as part of there agreement as they said it was to
much of a risk. Although we are still together we told them we are not as
they threatened to take our son away if we resume our relationship. So I
had move in with my sister, then they offered me another temporary
accommodation which was cockroach infested I suffer from breathing
problems and didn’t see this healthy for my 4 month old. I came to my mums until they sorted it. I stay on floor in her spare with my room
Alhamdulilallah it’s been 2 months now. My mum does not want me to stay
here long term as she says it’s not feesable. The council offered me a
decent permanent property Alhamdulilallah! But my husband said I shouldn’t
take it because of location but he’s not offered anywhere for me to live
either. What do I do? I don’t want to disobey him but I’ve been homeless
for majority of our marriage he’s not provided me with anywhere to live so
I have to look myself he also said if I take it that he won’t be helping
with any furniture etc. If I refuse this property I’m going to end up in a
hostel/refuge again and mentally draining me moving so much with my young
son I’m desperate for a place I can call home.

P.S Husband dosnt live with us at this moment because of the social
services issue so I’m left going from hostel to house etc myself.

Jazakallah khair

Assalamu alaykum

Sorry to hear about your situation.

To further peruse your Query I phoned the office of Sayyid Sistani, and they said that according to the Islamic law you can take this permanent housing because you will be left homeless.

I would suggest you also calmly speak to your husband and explain him how separate important it is to have a “home” for a child  like yours. Counselling would be a plus for bit of you.

In my prayers,

Naajiya .S.Jaffery