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Leaving a girl after having zina with her


I had a relationship with a girl for almost 1.5 years and we had zina many times.

This girl already had zina with other boys before me and was like a bad girl, having affairs and these type of things with other guys before me. After our relationship started, she changed and didn’t had affairs with other guys but me only. Even though, I also had zina with her many times. But the fact that she changed from having affairs and zina with more guys to having a relationship with only me.

I left her after having a relationship with her for almost 1.5 years. Now, she has gone back to her ways and she told me recently that she has become the same girl that she was before meeting me.

Now, the question I have is that would I be responsible for her going back to her ways, since she had changed after meeting me and now have gone back to her ways after I left her.
Will I be punished by Allah for leaving her since she had changed after meeting me. Will I be responsible for that?
Even though, when were in the relationship, we had done zina a lot of times but she was only intimate with me and not other guys. But after leaving me, she has gone back to her ways to being intimate with more than just one guy.

SO, I am really worried. Should I go back to her? But I know, she is not a good girl and neither my parents agree to let us marry.

Please guide me in this regard.


Al-Salam Alaykum

Thank you for your Question.

NO!NO!NO! For sure you should not go back to such a sinful relation.  This is not an excuse for her to go to do bigger sin because her favorite sin is not available. (Mind you, whether with yourself or other, it is the same sin!)

You would be punished. if you do not repent from your pervious sins.

If there is a way for you both to stay away from sins, that would be good. (note: even touch and look to Namiharam is Haram) if there is not such way cut your relation with her and make repent for what you have done already.

May Allah give us all the Towfiq for repentance

Sayyid Madani