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Leave Islamic course for high school


Hello. I am currently a student enrolled in an alim course program and I was wondering If I could leave it. I wanted to try it and I’ve done half a year so far. I really find it hard to keep up with the teachings and I can’t really focus on my studies. At night I would get stress and anxiety over stuff that is due because I don’t understand it really well. Plus, On top of that I attend a high school which is already really hard and it’s just frustrating to multi-task. And If I was to quit I would join hifz because it would be more simple for me. I think If I do hifz then I will still get the reward. to be honest I didn’t really even wanted to do alim. I wanted to do hifz. my parents had forced me into something I can’t do. If you can tell me if I leave and join hifz I  would really appreciate that.


Assalamu Alaykum

Thank you for your Question

Learning about your Deen, Islam, doesn’t necessarily have to be  a very tight and over scheduled program. You can simply read a book at a time and take tiny steps. What’s important is that you understand the content very well and also have a teacher or mentor who can answer your questions as and when needed.

Allah doesn’t like pain or discomfort for his servant. Hence going through stress and anxiety is wrong and it will only make you miss out on all three opportunities.

if you’re able to do Hifz along side School then that’s going to be very good for you because upon finishing school you will have moved many steps forwards and grasping many Islamic teaching (whether on personal level or in a class) will be much easier.

InshaAllah you’re able to make a good decision for your self