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Ladies in Men’s Masjid/Prayer Hall


In our Masjid, even though there are other rooms assigned to ladies, ladies gather in men’s musallah prayer hall, and females deliver speeches and conduct classes for men and women. Whereby some brothers instead of praying salat or quran etc. they leave the musallah. Also these ladies are young, beautiful with sweet voice. What is shar-ee explanation/ruling? Also, what is the ruling for females coming to masjid or entering musallah prayer hall while in their menstrual cycle ?


1. Shariah ruling is clear that haram interaction is not permitted whereas if they are in hijab and no other barrier is there from entering masjid, it is permissible. Segregation policy needs to be defined by managing committee of masjid.

2. A woman can’t stay in masjid in her menstrual cycle. Prayer hall if its not part of Masjid, it is allowed.

Kumail Rajani