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Kindly explain in detail how the generation of Habeel and Qabeel continued…


Please describe in detail how the generation of habeel and qabeel continued…detail how the generation of habeel and qabeel continued…
Did they commit incest with their sisters or is there some other explanation…?
If they committed incest …is it not against the moral instincts that Allah SWT has endowed us with…is it not against our moral nature?
If incest was halal at that time…why is it haraam now?
Please do clear my doubts as I am now questioning the morality of the religion of Allah SWT.. nauzobillah..
Please reply soon ..


As-salamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

Thanks for your question

Habeel and qabeel weren’t the only sons Adam a.s, he had other children like shayth.

This is a controversial subject among scholars, there are different opinions about how the progeny of Adam a.s continued with arguments from Quran and hadith; in general there are two main ideas:

  1. The sons of Adam a.s did marry with someone other than their siblings.
    1. They married with Hoor-al-ayns that Allah swt sent from heaven, for example based on some narrations shayth married a Hoor-al-ayn called Nazla.
    2. They married with other girls on earth from other kind and generations (Since Adam a.s wasn’t the first human)
  2. The sons of Adam a.s married with their siblings, and it wasn’t Haram then because that was the only way for continuing humans generation, after that it became Haram.

The real reason for something being Haram or Halal is beyond our speculation and knowledge. Unless Allah (swt) or his prophet or Imams (a.s) explicitly explain that reason, so maybe the reason for incest being Haram is because it is against our moral nature and maybe there is another reason for that, that we are unaware of.

However, its questionable , how one thing that has no effect whatsoever on you at present effects your religious dedication and your devotion to the one who created you. What relation does Habeel and Qabeel’s Marriage have with your faith on Allah (az) and the morality of his religion. (on the flip side, aren’t we all inter related and kids of the same Prophet Adams children?)
Mind you, Islam came thousands of years after Prophet Adam. The Shariah slowly built after him and brought in the first powerful religion Judaism, followed by Christianity and finally Islam. Hence, in a nutshell, Islam is the most upgraded version of shariah. And the morality, a Muslim maybe looking at, is directly related to this upgraded version where incest is regarded as haram.



AAA under the guidance of Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi