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Kindly Advice What should I do, as my Husband does not believe in Islam anymore.


Salam aleikum wa rahmatoullah,

Thank you for the opportunity of asking questions, I’m so happy there are helpful people. I really need to know what I’m supposed to do in the situation I’m in.

I was engaged before this marriage, and it was broken off, due to cultural things. My parents forced me to leave the engagement. This made me mad at that time but most of all I was heartbroken. After this I started being rebellious ( all for which I have asked forgiveness and hope with all my heart that I be forgiven InshAllah). I met a Dutch guy that made me feel, He would never leave me for anyone of anything, so the pain in my heart went away. I had relationship with him I started feeling really bad and guilty. I told him I wanted to get married and that he needs to convert to Islam. At first he did not want to. I told him I can’t go on with him and that we cannot marry each other, on which he said he will start reading the Quran. Eventualy he told me He believed that there was a God and I asked him if He believed the sahada and he said yes. I did have some doubts, if it was for me or for real, but I thought it wouldnt be fair of me since belief is between Allah SWT and his servant.

We got married and soon after blessed with a son. But with the pregnancy his character changed completly. It was no good, he ignored me, didn’t come home anymore and left me without care till my son was born. I was mad and sad but after the birth I forgave him and wanted us to be a family. He was still very cold and neglected me a lot. When I told him I had rights in Islam he told me he did not believe anymore. I’m in a lot of pain since I’m scared my family will break apart and that I will end up alone with my son.

Please tell me what I should do, he doesnt want to talk About Islam and I cant get with him. I stopped having any relationship with him, just to be sure I’m not doing something wrong. Am I supposed to get divorce from him? And why do I let him walk over me like this? I’m scared for the financial side as we need to divorce, I’m scared if I would be able to get married again since I feel really scared alone. I had a rough past and I deal with a lot of mental issues as well. This gives me stress and I hope that you can advise me since I’m not able to think right anymore. I thank you a lot, may Allah help you for helping me,


Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

I’m sorry to hear of your past experiences, worries and concerns. May Allah pave a path for you out of this InshaAllah

So, I certainly agree that you must try and help him by having him speak to a religious scholar in your locality. For a person to claim to be an atheist will mean that he come across some content that may result into him not believing in Allah (az).
The scholar will help him
Answer his question and probably clear his doubts.

While he makes his decision, you should certainly keep away and see what the end result Is. If he declares that he is a believer then you may take it from them and go for the intended counseling.

But if he holds his ground on being an atheist then your marriage is void.

In regards to your loneliness, it may sound easier said than done, but sister we have Allah to take care of you, your son and all your affairs. InshaAllah that you over come this fear and stand by your son ever so strong!

I will suggest you recite dua no.25 from Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah
It’s a beautiful dua. Make sure you read it with meaning so as to understand what you’re asking from Allah.

InshaAllah all goes well.
Kind regards