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Would it be counted same as any other murder if I kill someone who is destroying lives of many deliberately by selling heroin knowing that his act has killed many by overdosing and destroyed future of many young girls and boys among with their families. These young individuals now have a dark future and are rejected by the society and have become outcasts stigmatized for something they have no control over. Although I agree that it is a matter of choice but still the act of the seller, too, plays a major role in all those deaths coming from their product which makes them killers and since Islam too allows killing the murderer, hence would that make a killer too. After all they trap the minds of the young and immateur girls and boys by slowly making them addicts using different schemes for a dealer would accompany and pretend to be a good friend to a certain individuals with potential amount of money and strong background and once they have fallen for the drug and have become a slave to it the drug dealer would then start to sell . And exactly like that he destroys thousand of lives. I hope you understand my question and answer accordingly.


Alaykum Salaam,
Despite the circumstances that you describe, taking matters in your own hands and killing someone is forbidden. It is best to get the police informed in cases like this.

Kind regards,