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Khums payment


salams I have 2 options for paying khums sehme imam
a)Pay to Marja office & get a receipt
b)Pay to an organisation or for a worthy cause known to me,which has the permission from my marja to collect khums Sehme Imam

Similarly I have 2 options for Sehme sadat
a)Pay to Marja office
b) Pay to sadat person(not a relative) directly based on my own investigation of eligibility

In the second option there is a small risk that the full amount may not get spent correctly in sehme imam and for sehme sadat my investigation of the eligibility may not be accurate.
In the second option the recipient also becomes grateful to me for my ‘donation’ though it is khums money & not my charity

However in first option I have the effort of finding good eligible causes & benefit of observing the end use /benefit to the cause /person.

What should be my choice & is there ANY reason /greater sawab to choose option b ?


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

  1. In general, if you are not certain then give the Sahme Imam to the office of your Marja, so that no problem arises but if you are sure about any organization having the permission from the Marja and working in the right way then you can also give sahme Imam to them.
  2. You can give Sahme Sadaat either to your Marja’s office or you can give it to a Saiyyid Faqeer(needy), provided that he does not use it in the way of sin and Haram purpose. If such a poor Saiyyid is not available, then give sahme Sadaat to your Marja’s office.

I will mention some of the rulings regarding Khums below, according to Ayatullah al-Udhma Sayyid Ali Sistany:

Ayatullah Sistany has permitted to pay sehme Sadaat to a Saiyyid faqeer(needy) yourself, whereas for Sahme Imam you must be sure for an organization to have permission from the Mujtahid.

Question: Can we give out of Sahm-e-Imam , as a donation to a hospital, that totally runs on charitable donations and is a non-profit making organization?

Can I give my Sahm-e Imam to a local mosque for its reconstruction and renovation?

Answer: You can spend the portion with permission from a Marja’ Taqlid or with permission from his representative (Wakil).

Ruling 1854. A sayyid who is not a just person (ʿādil) can be given khums. However, khums must not be given to a sayyid who is not a Twelver Shia.

Ruling 1861. The obligatory precaution is that one must not give a sayyid an amount of khums that is more than his living expenses for one year.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider