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Khums on stock investments and insurance


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. I am muqallid of Aga Sistani I have some questions related to khums, kindly answer these at your convenience. 1. I have stocks investment since few years, I was not calculating this in my yearly savings. I came to know from my friend that I have to pay khums on stocks and insurance. This year I have decided to calculate my stocks and insurance with my other savings. Now the question is do I need to pay additional khums on stocks amount as I have not paid before 2. I have given loan to one of my sadat syed friend, now he is unable to return. I know he has more debt so I am not asking. Can I convert his due loan to me with my khums amount? (with his permission) Can I give him more sehme sadaat amount so he can settle some of his other debt? JazakAllah Sarvar


salaamun alaykum

1- Yes, khums has to be paid on stocks for the previous years.
2- If you are able to meet your daily expenses then you have to give khums from your money and cannot convert the loan with your khums amount.
And if you cannot meet your expenses then you will have to contact the marajas office and ask for permission.
And Yes you are allowed to give more sehme saadaat to a syed.
Zahra Davdani.