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Khums on saved amount


I am single woman and one year younger brother, whom I got married in 2013. While I was working, I saved some amount and bought few things intending for my dowry to avoid minimize financial problems. Now after 5-7 years, ‘m still not married but have started consuming those bought things in my use and saved amount as I was in need of them and my brother has also stopped supporting me financially after getting married and neglecting his responsibilities towards me as brother. My Question is, whether its fine to use those bought things n saved money without paying khums as ‘m myself extremely needy and living in other city now? Please guide!


Salaam Alaykum,

Your are indeed a very generous woman to get your brother married. Allah bless you with more strength InshaAllah

Yes, you must pay khums on the bought things and any savings that has stayed on more than a year.Pls refer to the following link for further explanation:

I find it wise to mention that if you are completely unable to pay khums, you must contact Sayyid Sistani via his office in your locality to obtain his permission on it.
No-one other than himself can allow you to do that.