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Khula Without Husband’s Consent


My wife applied for khula with false allegations on me. The court grant her khula without investigating the matter. My address which was mentioned in the khula was false. I got information very late. I tried best to resolve the matter. I did not accept the khula approved by court because i loveed and love my wife. we had two daughters. one is with me and one is with her. She also took my 3 million rupees and refused to pay back even at the time of khula. I did not recieved my mahar amount even. Khula with mentioning the word talaaq and without husband consent is valid? what was the iddah period in this case. We had intercourse and talking terms in her 2nd month of iddah if it is for 3 month then what is the status of her khula taken by court? as pakistani law says it becomes null and void. I want to take her back but she is afraid of doing this that I will take any revenge from her upon her deeds of khula. what is the status of this khula after which was without consent and after intercourse in the period of iddah? what should i do to bring her back? is the step father is mahram for the daughter of her wife from previous husband?


Salaam Alaykum,

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