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Keeping of dogs as pet



I have been thinking of buying a pet dog.I did a bit of research in this regards and found that most scholars have stated that the dog is najis.But the Quran has mentioned the dogs in a favorable light.I have also looked into the AL-Kafi book(i found an english translation of it on the internet).In the vol 6 chap 12 of the said translation there were a number of hadith in regards to dogs none of which mentions dogs being najis.Although there were hadith that mentions keeping a dog in the house isn’t allowed, there were also hadith where keeping of dogs is allowed.My main question is, if a person keep a dog in their yard.I am particularly interest in knowing the view point of the ahl al-bayt in this regards.I have seen/heard arguments that say that hunting or working or guard dog are allowed and companion dogs are not but i am not convinced by this.Because if it is najis then it shouldn’t be allowed no matter the circumstance.
During my research on this topic i also came across an article which said that the prophet kept a saluki breed of dog(i am not sure about the validity of this statement i just saw it in an article and wanted to verify if it was true).
If possible can you tell me the animals kept by the ahl al-bayt becasue i want to keep an animal kept by them in my house.


Assalam Alaykum,

You can have control over a dog even though it is Najis.

A dog is najis in its essence – ie – its hair, nails, saliva, fur are all najis.  The najasa will transfer when they become wet.  Please –

Buying and selling non-hunting dogs – based on obligatory precaution (al-iḥtiyāṭ al-wājib) – are forbidden.

Keeping a dog as a pet is not recommended:

Now – are you allowed to have control over a dog although it is najis: Yes.

That means when obtaining a dog, you do not “buy” it, rather, you would exchange funds in return for ownership over control of the dog.

Having it at home is not recommended.  As it is najis, prayers will become an issue and the najasa is an issue in itself.  So you would need to keep it outside. (see the above link re this question)

The recommended animals to be kept according to some narrations are as follows:

Pets recommended to have in Islamic Narrations:

* Pigeons
* Cats
* Roosters
* Chickens
* Ducks
* Geese
* Quail
* Dogs – for hunting, guarding, herding – not those cute adorable fluffy things – and not inside the home.
* Honey bees
* Horses
* Sheep
* Cows
* Buffalo
* Camels
* Goats

Domestic animals are recommended, but wild animals (although they have domesticated) are not recommended such as canaries, parrots, love birds, rabbits, fish, hamsters etc have no recommendations to be kept in the home.

S.L. Al-Hakim